My Father’s Story–Part 7

From the original MANNA FROM MY FATHER’S HAND # 7
(Original post date 6/12/2023)


I will likely never know if all this “just happened” like things do as we normally age. Something about the WAY that it happened seemed “off” to me. It was as though his body just wouldn’t respond. Like there was a force other than simply “age” working against him. Ironically enough, this second episode in his life, when the woman checking in on him convinced him to go the the hospital “happened” to be 50 days after he had gotten that bivalent booster. And I think I mentioned that the FIRST episode (GBS), after he got the J&J vax, began 51 days after THAT shot…. Suspiciously almost identical scenario. Not close enough to the administration dates to prove any association … but close enough to leave my heart with unanswered questions on his behalf for the rest of my days.

I’m not overly concerned, because I KNOW Who is really in charge of things. My Dad’s life was NOT hidden from his Creator. His days were numbered as all of ours are. I pray that in the end, he asked his Creator “can we have LIGHT”, and Jesus said “Yes”. Jesus is the true Light, and our only Hope….

Before simply walking away from what just happened, and in order to not be negligent in reporting what seemed very suspicious, I wanted to make a VAERS report (which I later submitted, and after many months, still haven’t been able to find actually posted up on their website…). It was NOT easy to do, having to chase down all his info, like the dates of his shots, who gave them, etc. I got many people on the phone, from his doctor to the local senior organization that had arranged for his shots, to his town and county, etc. It was ironic and sad that none of the people I spoke with had been advised of his death. Even his doctor first learned of it from me, not the hospital or rehab, etc. It made me wonder how very many people are just getting these shots and then being sent on their way, with none of those “medical professionals” ever finding out how their clients fared. It seems increasingly probable that many didn’t fare well, sad to say….

Hearts That Intended to Do Good

I could tell by speaking with the many people I called, that they really cared for my Dad and were quite surprised and saddened that he had passed away. He was pretty well known in his local community…. I could tell at the rehab facility, that the staff members really cared for him (and some of them showed us true love, mercy and kindness, for which we were profoundly grateful). I am sure that the travelling nurse who administered his shot at his home thought she was doing a GOOD thing, to HELP him. I know the regular people “in the trenches” of medical care truly have hearts of gold and love their patients. That’s the type of work I had done for YEARS before this pandemic craziness changed the landscape so drastically.

This medical fiasco caused a lot of good hearted people to be driven from their jobs (self included). I am glad there are still some of them left who are trying to carry on, not growing weary in doing good, as they are able…. But they are terribly over-worked because of what this has all caused.

Only The Lord Truly Knows

Since I’m not working first hand in nursing homes or assisted livings for the most part any more, I’m not really sure how things have changed, or if everything is really going well. I may be wrong about all my assumptions in my writings over these past few posts. Only the Lord knows. My gut tells me that somewhere in the upper realms of medical care, there are people who really don’t care about people like my Dad or any of the others on whom they have experimented. They are not interested in people living longer or with more strength and vigor. They care more about being able to make as much money as possible, and to not rock the boat of whatever forces are running the “system” above them.

And my heart BREAKS that if what I suspect is true, it was people like my Dad HIMSELF, and his loving family members, friends and medical staff that he trusted that THOUGHT they were doing something good, that having this shot would help him LIVE and be WELL, actually did him grave harm…. All the while their efforts were lovingly and inadvertently administering something poisonous. If I’m wrong, I really DO want to know. It would probably set my heart at ease….

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Yet, I hear more and more stories that sound a whole lot like my Dad’s…. I’ve lost several of my dearest friends over these recent years, and will never know if these decisions expedited their passing to their eternal home. I know they are in a better place, and for that I’m thankful. Yet, I miss them….

A Heads Up, in My Dad’s Memory

I’ve shared all this in the hopes of honoring my Dad’s life, and perhaps giving others a heads up that they might want to examine what’s been going on before making medical decisions for themselves or loved ones based on the fear that has been pushed upon our society, and really, the world. Somehow, I’m pretty sure my Dad’s story is far from “rare” or unique. I think it may be pretty ubiquitous, actually.

Those of us who resisted the measures that were taken in our society originally with Covid were told that we were “unloving”. Didn’t we CARE about Grandma and Grandpa? My answer has always been “yes, I do care, and that’s why I resisted…” A hard thing to say when the culture shouts at you that you’re wrong.

Love … Always Protects

What I do know is that the definition of “love” that lives in my heart through the scripture says in part: “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” (1 Corinthians 13:6-7 NIV) It never seemed very “true” that the things we were being told were really based in scientific fact. It seemed more based on expediency for profit’s sake….

Another scripture that has run through my mind many times during this season in our lives, whether it’s related to this or not (it’s likely related to being tempted to sin) is:

“Then He said to the disciples, ‘It is impossible that no offenses should come, but woe to him through whom they do come!'” (Luke 17:1 NKJV)

I don’t know if those “through whom this all came” will pay any penalty on this earth. I know that there is One with Whom they WILL have to do in the end…. I trust Him to sort it all out and bring justice and truth forth, as He shines His LIGHT on all things. After all, He is the Author of Life. The One Who paints the heavens daily, if we’ll only have eyes to see.

Thanks for reading this, if you’ve gotten this far. It’s been good for me to get it out, even if only a few people ever read it. My father taught me a lot in and through his life. My heavenly Father has used so many of those things to inspire me, and now, I can have time and the emotional space to share more of those things, in His time, and by His grace.

Until then … Blessings to you and yours. And may we all “stay SAFE” in the arms of Christ, and in no other thing or person.

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