Here is a video from several years back that includes a song called “Treasured”, which I wrote along with my husband. It begins with an explanation of how the song came about–pondering the many things that Mary likely treasured in her heart during the upbringing of this Holy Child in their midst (besides those mentioned specifically in Luke Chapter 2 verses 19, 33 and 51).

Most mothers (and fathers) have things that they cherish and treasure about their children, and how many more must this young woman have held in her memory as she watched the Son of God grow into the fullness of His Life here on earth and into eternity.

After the intro, the song itself begins at the 1:25 minute mark.

May we all treasure Jesus Christ in every way, at all times, not only during this profound season, but at every time of the year.

Manna From My Father's Hand

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Hope the video blesses you and that you share it with anyone else who might enjoy watching/listening to it.

Lisa and Robert Prokopowitz
CCLI Song # 4378981

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