Update 10/26/2023

WOW! The last few weeks (and months) have been a whirlwind to say the least! Thanks to those who have prayed for me (us) during this very “interesting” year!

Finally, safely back home in NJ after spending eight weeks in Florida helping my mother and stepfather navigate some rough waters in their lives. Wasn’t sure when the return trip home would happen, since things were quite up in the air for a while. Very interesting going from the warmth of late summer Florida to the cool autumnal days of New Jersey essentially overnight.

Grateful to be here in the northeast before the peak autumn colors fade away. Took a picture after church this past Sunday that showed the beauty that is all around now in this area.

It helped to point out that there is beauty all around, if we have eyes to see and hearts that are open to it. In the midst of challenges, tumult and distraction, there is the sweet presence of Jesus WHEREVER His children find themselves, so keep your eyes open!

These past couple of weeks have been filled with trying to adjust back to being home. Now that there is more time, I am hoping to begin re-posting blog entries that had been shared in social media over the past several months (but hadn’t been openly accessible online for the most part), during my stay in Florida, but also before then as well.

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I had begun blogging earlier in the year, after the time spent in Massachusetts with my father before he passed away early in February this year. In many ways, his situation inspired the blogging and sharing that have come forth ever since.

Lord willing, as time permits, I will begin reposting blog entries until they have all been made accessible on the “Manna From my Father’s Hand” website.

If you have missed blog entries in recent months, come join me as we revisit poignant and memorable moments, all in the effort to inspire and share the goodness of God, even in our most difficult times.

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