Winter Snow

This is one of the most beautiful, memorable and personally poignant songs I have been blessed to record over the years. The song itself is unique and simple (more about that below).

There are no big scriptural or theological truths in it, although the lyrics harken poetically at times to a passage or two. The words echo the simplicity, humility and tenderness with which the Author of all Creation entered so quietly into this world; unnoticed in many ways except perhaps to His parents, some shepherds and eventually several wise men, etc.

NOEL--The Music of Christmas CD

I originally learned the song for a Christmas program at a church I attended at the time (Powerhouse). After that event, people loved the program so much that the church put out a Christmas CD of the music that next winter, called “Noel–the Music of Christmas”. The CD was released in the winter of 2010/2011 (and is now quite rare), and that particular church disbanded during Covid and is no longer in existence.

Why it’s personally memorable to me is that during the season when the CD was being released, it was around Christmas in 2010. A week before Thanksgiving that year, my husband had been hospitalized due to a blockage in his heart in what’s called the “widow maker” artery. By the grace of God, he survived, and recovered quite well. But during that whole winter, of course he was not well enough to be out shoveling snow. And wouldn’t you know it … that year we had a LOT of snow….

So guess who was out there shoveling all the white stuff? Yours truly. To make the task somewhat enjoyable, I put on a head set and listened to the Noel CD as I shoveled. I can remember well one evening, shoveling as the snow piled up, falling gently and quietly, and no one else in the neighborhood was out with snowblowers ruining the hush of the snow fall, how the words of this particular song came to life. So very gentle and beautiful the way that Jesus comes into our hearts sometimes. He doesn’t push, He doesn’t force. He does inspire, refresh and amaze by the peaceful presence of His beauty…. It’s hard to put into words, and the song did it very well.

CD Credits

Here are the credits for musicians on the CD, along with a couple links to relevant websites of some of these fine musicians:

From the “Noel-the Music of Christmas” CD, published by Powerhouse Christian Church (no longer in existence), Wyckoff, NJ

Executive Producer: Sherry Davis

Producer: Dave Edwards (more about Dave at

Lead Vocal: Lisa Prokopowitz (

Backup Vocal: Dave Edwards (see link above)

Electric Guitar: Kevin Lutke (more about Kevin at

Bass: Arthur Krouse

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Drums: Tommy Burrell

Piano: Dave Edwards (see link above)

Keyboards: Adam Miller

This Video

In preparing this video of the song Winter Snow, I am using pictures and footage of past years’ snows, but also some that were captured over this year, from the time around when my father passed away, and also later in the year (not in the winter;) caring for my mother and step-father. The lyrics of the song, the way that the video came together (the circumstances and scriptures), and life in general lately have all seemed to center on a resounding theme.

Sometimes it seems that when we experience our greatest “victories” in our walk with the Lord, there is often a testing of sorts afterward. It often feels like an “attack” from the evil one, and perhaps it IS, yet the Lord seems ready and eager to use those tests to strengthen and enable us, to cause our eyes to look up to Him, and to make us more like Him in the process. The scripture reference in the video that comes from 1 Kings is a profound story of Elijah, after a GREAT victory, how he ran off, totally despondent, and how the Lord gently cared for him and eventually spoke to him to help him carry on and complete the mission to which he had been called.

I pray that you will be encouraged to carry on, to seek Jesus even in the midst of what might seem like a total “attack”. Allow HIM to be victorious and build your faith even through setbacks and discouragement. His love is abiding, and He is faithful and ABLE.

Here’s a pic of me in the wonderful studio we were using to record the Noel CD. What a blessed time it was.

Photo courtesy of  Arthur Krouse.

The Song Itself

Winter Snow is, of course, a cover song, originally sung and written by Audrey Assad. I’m not sure how much faith she had at the time she wrote/recorded it, and from what I can see in searching out her music more recently, her faith has gone through challenges. I don’t want to speak for her, but I DO pray for her, as I do for many other young people in recent years who have had their faith shaken.

I pray for these young hearts to come to the full realization that Jesus is indeed true, alive and as necessary as the breath we breathe, the bread we eat and the water we drink. He could have come to this earth with all the fanfare there possibly could be, yet He chose to come here humbly. He could demand that you believe in Him and follow after Him. Yet He doesn’t force. He does encourage you and draw you. If you take the time and open your eyes and ears, you can see the beauty and wonder of who He is.

More gentle than the softest snowfall, yet as powerful as an avalanche. May He refresh and sustain you throughout the coming winter months, and show you more and more of Himself, by His abundant grace.

May He shine brightly in the darkness, throughout 2024.

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